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A doctor’s visit ends with an odd assortment of specimens and a troubling number of odd answers from the patient’s wife.Mar 25, 2017 We see a man who has lost his will to live until we meet his wife, and her dedication to love.Mar 18, 2017 An elderly man takes up the rambling of a long-lost young man who once haunted his dreams.Mar 11, 2017 A woman has the bad luck to share a lover with another woman, and the problem seems unlikely to go away, if only for the fault of a new shoe shop.Mar 4, 2017 Two people find themselves in love with the same woman, and cannot make a decision to divorce.Mar 1, 2017 The play is a tribute to the old-fashioned festival of love in the village, with the players extemporizing through the night, including a preening young apprentice at the marriage altar.Feb 24, 2017 While the usual crew of thugs are off hauling contraband, a young thief is caught while helping his beloved to a tryst.Jan 18, 2017 This is the last play in a two-act series about the decline of the poet’s character as he struggles to learn what it means to love.Jan 11, 2017 While the rest of the world is talking about love, a poet finds the answers in the poetry of the past.Jan 4, 2017 The people, who don’t seem to think of love, change their minds when an inspiration comes along.Dec 30, 2016 A man, dealing with an overbearing father, longs to prove his love and value, and uses the example of their longtime coach.Dec 23, 2016 A psychiatrist thinks he’s discovered love, but his therapy can’t be what he thought.Dec 16, 2016 The people in the neighborhood find that love is more than just an emotion and they use its different aspects to make it a part of their lives.Dec 9, 2016 She was going through a tough time in the world, but her heart made it worth the price.Dec 2, 2016 The old people of a small town are distressed by the activities of a young couple, but the love of a woman in the past helps them to understand.Nov 26, 2016 The poets from the past are getting together to celebrate the old emotions, but a young poet is held back



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